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E & R Excavating is Clearing Out the Mess from Your Demolition Project

When you want the area’s best demolition in New Haven, WV, rely on E & R Excavating. Do you have a building that is now condemned? What about broken-down construction materials? Do you want to keep your business on your current property, but need a new building for it?
We are a local company with fair pricing specializing in industrial and residential construction. Our team is licensed, bonded, and insured which means we guarantee the job is done right and safely. Sometimes buildings, bridges, roads and more outlive their usefulness. If you need these taken down, reach out to us. Give us a call today at (304) 882-2271 for an appointment and a free quote for your demolition work.

Our Team Clears the Way for New Haven, WV, and the Surrounding Area

Our skilled laborers are committed to a safe and effective demolition project. Our tools offer superior precision for a proper tear down of whatever you need taken care of. Do not allow that eyesore to hang around any longer. If you need quality demolition work, choose us for the job across New Haven, WV, Letort, and Point Pleasant today.

We Can Handle More than Your Demolition Needs

Find out why our skilled workers are experts over 50 years experience means you get the job done right. Do you want new clay liners for your landfills? Do you need new seeding and mulching done for your property? We encourage you to check out all our services including clearing and grubbing, land reclamation and hauling. Do you need demolition work done? Reach us today for quality work from a local company with fair pricing for all of your project needs.

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Rely on E & R Excavating when you want the best demolition work in New Haven, WV.